Thursday, September 6, 2012

Second Week: We Can Do This!

I am celebrating the second week of school by setting up my teacher blog!  Believe me, this has been a work-in-progress for some time.  I love the idea of sharing creative ideas and just having other teachers "close by" who get what I'm going through on a daily basis, but blogging, teachers pay teachers, teachers notebook, etc. kind of overwhelms/freaks me out.  These teachers are crazy, but oh, so dedicated. Baby steps for me, right?!

Things I've learned this week:
- My immune system apparently got lost over the summer, since I was running to the bathroom Tuesday afternoon with the "stomach bug". Ah, fun times.
- "Pete the Cat" rocks like no ones business.  Thanks Miss Curtis for that!  It's HILARIOUS watching those 25 kids dance to his books/songs.
- Lice in the room can be a REAL debbie downer.  Good thing I have lots of hair gel!
- My class loves recess.  I wish I got a dollar every time they asked when recess was happening.  Really though, who doesn't love recess?!
- Keeping up with grading is SO nice.  I hope it lasts!
-Wearing gloves is important in science, because "our fingers might melt away if we touch anything".

Congrats everyone for making it through another week!  I can already feel it...This year is going to be a GOOD one.

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