Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Linky Party: What's YOUR favorite reward/incentive?!

Well, Carrie over at First Grade Derby is having her first linky party.  I've quickly realized that bloggers LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these linky parties. Why not?  You meet new people and get some pretty cool ideas.  I'll take it.  This linky deals with anything and everything about rewards and incentives in the classroom.

I don't know about you all, but my little kiddies get so excited when I mention the treasure chest or candy.  Can't blame them...My eyes and stomach get REAL big when I walk down the candy aisle during the halloween season.  This can get pretty expensive.   One reward I can't get enough of (and my students can't either) is our classroom "Noodle Jar".  It's Ahhhhhmazing.

This little guy will get anyone to raise their hand and try their very best to answer a question.  So, what happens is I have a box of uncooked ziti noodles at my desk.  If a student uses their "noodle" in an outstanding way, they get to put a noodle in the "Noodle Jar".  Once it is filled, our class will take a vote on what kind of party we want...pajama day, a movie, popcorn, extra recess...the possibilities are endless.

Personally, I love it, because my students learn that sometimes we have to work really hard for things that we want.  Plus, it's a group effort.  They cheer each other on for earning that little noodle.  Which is awesome!  We love our food in my room, so I hear many debates on if we are going to have a movie/popcorn party or an ice cream party.  I know, the life of a 6 year old.

So, what do you love to do in your classroom to reward?

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