Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Posts in One Week?! What's wrong?!

Nothing is wrong!!  Just had a revelation with the blogging world.  I am determined to post more....We will see :)

So the other week, I was looking on pinterest...shocker. And I saw the *cutest* idea.  Frames used to write on.  This pin was to have in your house and write sweet notes to your husband, kids, etc. etc. etc. Welllllll, I started thinking about how I could use that idea in school, and I came up with this...

I was getting rrrreeeaaalll tired of looking at my standards, so I thought I would switch it up.  All I used was scrapbook paper, ribbon, frames from the dollar tree, and my trusty glue gun.

I feel like it adds more of a homey feel in my classroom...Seriously, took me 30 minutes to start and complete. If you are tired of your standards, you should give this a try! :)

And this just proves once again how OBSESSED I am about pinterest!

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